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Opened in 2013, our Feeding Clinic evolved from community concerns. There was a lack of resources and supports for feeding issues for children over the age of three and adults. Responding to the community’s plea, TARC established a unique feeding clinic with an interdisciplinary team. Our team provides specialized evaluations and therapy for those with feeding and swallowing issues.

Our unique clinic focuses on the traditionally medically under-served populations of adults with intellectual disabilities and children over the age of three who struggle eating and drinking. With over 55 years of experience, Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to providing excellent services and supports to those who struggle with feeding.

We are a proud provider for North East Kansas with expertise targeting individuals with developmental, intellectual and related disabilities.

What to expect when coming to our feeding clinic:

  • Evaluations are done on-site
  • Teams are created based upon the needs of the individual
  • Evaluations are approximately one hour long
  • Families are provided with immediate written recommendations at the conclusion of the evaluation
  • Treatment recommendations are provided and follow-up therapy is scheduled
  • On-going treatment is provided on-site
  • Teams will include a speech pathologist and may include: occupational therapist, physical therapist, dietician and behaviorist
  • Our team collaborates with your school district to ensure the success of the child in all environments
  • Our clinic accepts most major insurances and KanCare


Thank you to Stormont-Vail Health¬†for their kind contribution to TARC’s Feeding Clinic. These seed funds helped us to¬†continue our mission and provide excellent service and support to those who need ongoing treatment and therapy!

Meet the Coordinator

Alisha Delgado

Alisha Delgado

Speech Pathologist

To schedule an evaluation please contact Alisha
785.506.8688 adelgado@tarcinc.org

  • Licensed by the State of Kansas
  • Nationally Licensed by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Certified VitalStim and trained to use endoscopy to evaluate swallow with FEES Procedure
  • Has performed 2,000+ video swallow studies while working in a hospital setting
  • Has specialized in treating individuals with swallowing and feeding issues for over 14 years.
  • Serves individuals from birth through the adult life span – focusing on serving those with development and related disabilities
  • Has served a wide variety of individuals with a diverse range of diagnosis including: stroke, head injury, head and neck cancer, degenerative diseases and developmental delays.

Alisha is passionate about working with those who struggle with feeding and loves to see those she serves succeeding!