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Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment enhances an individual’s ability to gain independence through the development, construction and maintenance of specialized equipment. A wide range of materials, supplies and tools are available so that new pieces of equipment can be conceived and then constructed to meet an individual’s specific needs.

Projects include:

  • Repair and maintenance of computer and communication devices
  • Adapting toys to meet specific needs of individual children
  • Wheelchair repair and maintenance
  • Developing aids to assist individuals in completing job contracts
  • Equipment adapted to allow children to have appropriate and individualized seating that meets their needs. It can include high chairs, booster seats, strollers and adaptations to playground equipment.

For more information on adaptive equipment, please contact Cathie Huckins 785-506-8631.

What Parents are saying…

"I really liked the way services for our daughter were integrated into her preschool setting. You included all the children instead of singling out my child" - A family served by TARC's Children Services