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WIBW Chris Fisher’s #JustABuck Campaign

1900132_732841503403667_479025321530529660_nWIBW Chris Fisher is at it once again! Gearing up for his 8th Annual Sporting Clays for Kids event in August with his ‪#‎JustABuck‬ Campaign.

Just think, if everyone donated just one buck the impact that could be made! In 2016, TARC’s Children’s Services provided critical early intervention services to 777 children and in the first five months of 2017 have served 487 children (anticipating serving 800 children by December of this year).

#JustABuck can make a big difference, last year Chris raised over $20,000 to benefit TARC’s Children’s Services with his #JustABuck campain! Thanks to generous community support and an anonymous donor who matched #JustABuckDonations up to $10,000.  Chris’ Sporting Clays for kids event has raised more than $60,000 to benefit TARC’s Children’s Services in the past four years.

This year Chris has a goal to raise more than $25,000 from his #JustABuck Campaign to benefit TARC’s Children’s Services. Your support will help us continue to provide excellent service, support and advocacy to children in Shawnee County with developmental, intellectual and related disabilities and delays. Services provided in our tiny-k program are provided at no cost to families, every dollar helps us continue to provide supports and services.

  • A $250 donation will help provide a multidisciplinary evaluation for a child.
  • A $100 donation will provide individual consultation by a pediatric specialist, OT, psychologist, SLP, autism specialist, feeding specialist or another specialist.
  • A $50 donation will help provide an individualized piece of equipment for a child such as a weighted blanket, weighted vest, visual schedule or other services needed to help reach the individual goals of the child and family.

“I can’t imagine families who never have the experience. Children and adults have a far better chance at success in the relationships and setting the stage for the young people to deal with other settings.” – A parent of a child who received services from TARC’s tiny-k program.

$1 #JustABuck Donation

$5 #JustABuck Donation

Other amount Your support will help TARC’s Children’s Services continue to provide the critical early intervention services to more than 750 children in Topeka & Shawnee County with developmental disabilities and delays.